Your holistic journey to wellness

Healing a patient is healing a family

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“Taking charge of your health”
Adopting a healthy lifestyle is key to maintaining great health and will ultimately lead to building healthy families and healthy societies.
To help achieve this, we dedicated two purpose-built spaces to promote and advocate healthy living: Wellness Gym & Wellness Café.
The state-of-the-art gym is a 500 sqm double height space and consists of a lounge area, cardio zone, weights, and machine zone. It doesn’t end there; the Wellness Gym is also home to the world’s first hospital ASB World Squash Federation certified squash court installation.

Dr. Zaid Kilani Community Pavilion

“Our gift to the Community” 

It has always been the mission of our Chairman Dr. Zaid Kilani to share and spread knowledge and knowhow.
The “Dr. Zaid Kilani Community Pavilion” will be the platform by which knowledge and knowhow will be spread. 

The pavilion is ideally located in the heart of the campus between Farah Woman & Child Hospital and Farah General Hospital and will be the center piece of the campus. The pavilion will also be home to the Farah Wellness Festival, a yearly event celebrating health & wellness. 

Components of the Pavilion: 

One story pavilion building with conference and telemedicine support facilities 

Outdoor amphitheater connected to the building 

Total capacity between indoor and outdoor space is 300 people

Surrounding the pavilion building will be lush gardens and water fountains with pedestrian and patient trails