“Where every second counts”

Designed and built as a Level 1 emergency center, Farah’s state-of-the-art Emergency center spans 600 sqm and is equipped to deal with all age groups from first day(s) of life all the way up to very old patients, and to deal with any medical condition from simple flu to brain stroke and heart attacks. 

Coupled with the latest technologies and most competent emergency center physicians and nurses, the center provides not only the safest environment but also the most caring, efficient and enjoyable experience.The center’s interior features a combination of white steel, glass, and wood partitions thus ensuring an ultra-modern, sleek and clean look atmosphere. The choice of material and internal organization and workflow of the center also ensures the minimum risk of patients acquiring infections. The center is also flooded with natural sunlight thus ensuring a pleasant experience to patients, their companions and last but not least to staff. 

Components of Farah Emergency Center: 

  • Zone A (5 rooms): Adult triage
  • Zone B (3 rooms): Pediatric triage 
  • Zone C (2 rooms): Resuscitation
  • Two anesthesia machines
  • Portable ventilators 
  • Separate ambulance entrance
  • X-Ray
  • Lab
  • CT (64 slice) scan with cardiac and stroke protocols 
  • Ultrasound
  • Three ambulances that transmit vital signs to ER before arrival
  • Cardiac monitors connected to a central station