Farah Wellness Program

“Prevention is better than cure”

At Farah Medical Campus, we take health seriously, this is why we introduced the Farah Wellness Program which is a holistic program, where science & technology, care, and awareness come together in Farah’s campus as a revitalizing wellness ecosystem that treats the mind, body, and soul. 

The program focuses on primary, secondary and tertiary prevention and aims to catch a medical condition early on and to treat it before any sequel develops. Key aspects of the program revolve around re-enforcing positive behavior and adopting a healthy lifestyle such as healthy eating habits, engaging in physical activity and smoking cessation. 

Through FMC’s network of top physicians, we develop a constant dialogue between the Wellness Program “patrons” and the physicians taking care of them.We realize that education is key to taking charge of one’s health, therefore FMC provides 3000 Mayo Clinic educational topics to its patrons. 

Realizing the fast-pace and hectic daily life routine of today and how it’s taking its toll on our mental health, the program also offers its patrons psychological support in the form of psychologist/psychiatrist consultations in addition to music and art therapy. 


“Taking charge of your health”

Adopting a healthy lifestyle is key to maintaining great health and will ultimately lead to building healthy families and healthy societies.To help achieve this, we dedicated two purpose-built spaces to promote and advocate healthy living: Wellness Gym & Wellness Café. 

The state-of-the-art gym is a 500 sqm double height space and consists of a lounge area, cardio zone, weights, and machine zone. It doesn’t end there; the Wellness Gym is also home to the world’s first hospital ASB World Squash Federation certified squash court installation. 

The wellness café is located between Farah General and Farah Woman & Child and is also open to welcome guests from the surrounding vicinity and beyond. The menu focuses on healthy eats and tailors to the requests of guests with different dietary needs (vegetarians, vegans, lactose intolerant, diabetics, food intolerances, etc...). The Wellness Café overlooks the campus’s garden which includes a children’s play area ideal for visitors with young children. 


Whether you are dealing with a chronic illness, searching for a cure for a specific medical condition or simply looking to receive a clean bill of health; our Wellness Program offers packages that cater to every patient’s needs.


We at Farah Medical Campus are firm believers that prevention is the key to a healthy lifestyle. Our commitment extends beyond finding a cure or treating our patients after the condition arises; this is the ground on which our Wellness Program was designed.


Prevention is key! At Farah Medical Campus we offer regular health exams and tests which are your first step in identifying any medical issue you may have before it even occurs... this will ensure that your chances for treatment and cure are better. By getting the best health services, regular screenings, customized treatments and plans, you are taking all the necessary steps to a healthier and longer life.


Our Wellness Program tests are tailored to cater to each individual’s needs and are customized based on their unique lifestyle, all along taking into consideration each client’s medical history.... The program ensures that every patient receives adequate information on the primary prevention methods of diseases, along with recommendations on lifestyle modification techniques. In addition, each patient receives recommendations on how to handle treatable diseases if they are to arise, and treatment plans for any chronic illnesses to encourage a healthier life.