As part of the Farah Medical Campus (FMC) that comprises of Farah General Hospital, Farah Woman and Child’s Hospital, Farah Emergency Center, and the world renowned Farah Infertility Centre, Farah Spark is the first thematic Health-Tech incubator/accelerator in Jordan whose uttermost purpose is to support entrepreneurs at the intersection of healthcare and technology. Farah Spark couples the resources of a world-class medical center with the innovative spark of entrepreneurs. It represents the natural evolution and result for decades of an innovative culture instilled and adopted by the late Dr. Zaid Kilani. As a key component of FMC’s corporate innovation system, Farah Spark will serve as a gateway to the hospital’s advanced capabilities, systems, knowhow, and reach, and will allow entrepreneurs and startups to materialize and validate their ideas to reach scalability and success. The incubator accepts entrepreneurs and startups in the Health-Tech spectrum from as early as the idea stage and provides them with a wide range of services including corporate and business, coaching and mentoring, capacity building, and networking. It will be focusing on startups in the wide healthcare spectrum including Health IT (HIT) and digital hospitals, Connected Health (cHealth), Digital Therapeutics (DT), Mobile Health (mHealth), Data & Analytics (D&A), and 3D Printing and Hardware. In the above context, Farah Spark will collaborate very closely with all the stakeholders in the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Jordan and the region to maximize the impact, provide innovative healthtech solutions adapted to a local context, and to advance the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Jordan and beyond reaching to creating jobs that contribute to the formation of a knowledge-based economy.

Scope of Work

  • Farah Spark will act as a bridge between outside innovation and Farah Medical Campus.
  • Farah Spark will provide a new environment for Farah Medical Campus to set up new rules, a possibility to proactively spot ideas either on the edge or in the core of its business. Thus a place where those ideas can develop and flourish within the organizational atmosphere.
  • It will provide access to early stage innovation and ventures in a cheaper, faster and more flexible way. In place of the conventional R&D centers, and as a result creating numerous advantageous outcomes.
  • It will create a wide range of socioeconomic benefits by investing in and building scalable early stage ventures while encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit and culture within the corporation.
  • It can help promote Farah Medical Campus for being a regional innovation hub attracting the best talents and benefiting the local entrepreneurial ecosystem.
  • It will provide startups with a unique path to navigate and scale- up, which in turn will guide them in their first steps for developing the idea, prototyping, testing, launching, sustaining, and finally scaling. Additionally, Farah Spark will offer some unique steps that include (but are not limited to conducting clinical trials, obtaining licenses, and fitting into reimbursement plans.


Farah Spark provides accepted startups and entrepreneurs with a wide range of required services to help them materialize, validate, commercialize, and scale their ideas and solutions. Those services include:

Comprehensive acceleration/incubation program

  • Mentorship/coaching
  • Capacity building in all business aspects including but not limited to:
    • Digital marketing
    • Financial management
    • Sales
    • Business development
    • Effective communication
  • Business support (through FMC’s existing corporate structure) including but not limited to:
    • Marketing
    • Market research
    • Human resources
    • Legal services
    • Accounting
  • Fab lab (in collaboration with Techworks, a Crown Prince Foundation initiative)
  • Fully equipped vibrant office space including high-speed Internet access.
  • Provide access to Farah Medical Campus to:
    • Validate solutions through access to FMC operations, data, labs, controlled patient’s groups (without violating privacy guidelines), and more
    • Get valuable technical/medical feedback and insight from FMC staff, physicians, nurses, administrators, etc.
  • Access to networks including academia, civil society, and more.
  • Market access through FMC value chain and regional/global partners network (including multi nationals in the health care sector).
  • The opportunity of Funding/investment through connecting the ready for investment startups with a wide range of hands-on investors including the investment arm of Farah Medical Campus.